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The Capitol Exchange, an e-mail communications forum for PHCC members and national, state and local leaders to discuss legislative and regulatory issues, is available to all PHCC-National Association members, state and local associations.

Finally, the PHCC National Government Relations Department holds an annual legislative conference in Washington, D.C.  This conference offers contractors and paid staff an opportunity to participate “first-hand” in the legislative process and actually lobby their legislators on issues of concern to the member and PHCC-National Association issues.

Tennessee PHCC is represented by lobbyist- Steve Buttry, whose goal is to further the interests of Tennessee p-h-c contractors, whether it be by the promotion of new legislation or as a watchdog for legislation that may be adverse to our contractors.

2018 marked the 7th year PHCC members descended on Capital Hill in Nashville and discussed our issues with State Legislators.
PHCC-National Association’s Government Relations Department provides the p-h-c industry representation in Washington, D.C., in a number of different areas, including small business issues, healthcare reform, tort reform, tax-related matters, and code and regulatory affairs, etc.

Both the state and national PHCC have Political Action Committees (PAC).  The PAC is responsible for making campaign contributions to candidates who support the p-h-c industry.


Get Involved With Issues That Directly Affect You!

Government 101

Been awhile since you studied U.S. Government in school?  We've put together some helpful information to help you brush up on how government works and how you can be an effective citizen.  Want to know what's going on in Washington?  Check out the government information below.  Also be sure to take a minute to enjoy our games!

TAPHCC is very involved in the current economic and political climate as it affects our members.

Please consider attending the 2018 PHCC National Legislative Conference in Washington DC! 

Your voice needs to be heard.  This year's conference is May 22-23.  Contact the state office for more information