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Tennessee Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, Inc.

 2022 Introductory Member Application

Full Membership

The TAPHCC is looking for contractors who are of the highest integrity, honest, customer service oriented, and highly knowledgeable. We’re looking for contractors ready to invest in their profession. The association is here for the support, promotion, and enhancement of our members. But we are also looking for members who are very interested in promoting and protecting their industry as well. We want to work together toward these goals and to give our causes and concerns a louder voice in Washington, our State Legislature, and our communities. We encourage you to review the information on this website to learn more about our proud history as well as our member benefits.

This membership is tri-leveled. Once you join, you are automatically a member of your chapter, state, and national associations.

If the above criteria are met during the first membership year, a second year renewal is 25% off the regular member price.  Or, at any time, the introductory member may pay the membership fee difference and become a full member. 

Introductory Contractor Membership- 50% Off Full Rate for 1st Year!

We offer an introductory membership rate at of 50% off the full rate for the first year of membership. Experience the value of PHCC Membership

Criteria to take advantage of this offer :

  • Introductory Membership is available only once to a firm that is engaged in the plumbing and/or heating and/or cooling and/or mechanical contracting industry that has never been a member of the association.  An Introductory Member may only retain this designation for a maximum of twenty-four (24) months from the date the firm joined, and must maintain an affiliation with the National, State and/or Local Association as described in the bylaws.
  • Dues for Introductory Members are at least a fifty percent (50%) discount of active member dues for the first year and at least a seventy-five percent (75%) discount of active member dues in the second year.  
  • Introductory members may attend meetings and enjoy all other privileges and benefits of membership, except that they may not vote, hold office or propose resolutions or amendments to the bylaws.
  • Must attend 50% of Chapter Meetings during membership period.
  • Must attend one National PHCC webinar during membership period. (free to members)
  • Must attend one State sponsored event during membership period.

Contractor Membership

We believe in the value of belonging to something greater than ourselves. In this fast-paced era, it is often difficult to find the time and resources to become involved in any group, but believe the familiar quote by Carl F. Hawver, Ph.D who says:

No man is an island in his profession. He will prosper in part as his profession prospers and he will suffer somewhat as the profession suffers. For that reason, I believe that each of us who feels he has reached some level of success owes some of his time, some of his talent and maybe a little of his money toward the improvement of our profession. This sharing is the mark of the professional.”

Knowledge ~ Representation ~ Community ~ Workforce Development ~ Resources

Current 2022 Annual Membership Fee:

Three Association Membership dues for one low price:

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State Level:
Tennessee Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, Inc.

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